Dear Trump Fanatics

Hi, my name is Tracy and I am a moderate.  I felt it necessary to write you a letter explaining what exactly that entails as it often appears that you make assumptions about those of us who are not constantly adoring your darling elected President, Mr. Trump.

When I became a registered voter I was listed as unaffiliated.  My views tend to overlap both the Democratic and Republican parties, and I never felt strongly enough about either one to want to vote in the primaries.  In 2008 and 2012 I voted for Obama.  This was after watching all the debates and listening to all the candidates’ viewpoints on various issues.

I was never an Obama fanatic.  There were decisions made by his administration that I did not think were the best, and I never felt it necessary to defend him against those who opposed him.  Were there times when I defended certain policies and/or corrected mistaken beliefs about those policies?  Yes.  Did I feel it was my duty to defend every decision he made and blindly support him even if I didn’t agree with him?  No.

This election season I changed my affiliation to Democrat in order to vote for Bernie Sanders because I was strongly against Hillary Clinton.  I watched all the Republican primary debates, however, and actually thought having Donald Trump run as a not-a-typical-politician type could even be a good thing.  Unfortunately the more I listened to him the more I questioned his ability to be a solid leader.  The whole “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” concept just was too illogical to me and made my eyes roll anytime I heard about it.

With that said I will concede that when it came down to Clinton vs Trump the media was quite often very biased against Trump.  They rarely painted Clinton in a negative light.  The debates between the two were so much more “he said she said” matches that it was hard for me to even discern their viewpoints on issues.  The issues they did discuss were always the same ones, and I went into the election not knowing where either truly stood on topics such as education and the environment.

Because of my unease with both candidates I voted third party knowing full well my candidate would not become president, but feeling content knowing I voted my conscious.  I was very skeptical upon hearing Trump had won, but I had hope that he would surround himself with quality people who could help make good decisions and keep him in check if needed.

Two weeks into President Trump’s administration and already I cringe whenever I hear him speak.  I’m starting to think the whole political world is turning into a reality show as I know when he gives speeches they’re going to grate on me, and yet I continue to watch them.  I am not ready to say he’s unintelligent.  I have a difficult time believing someone who runs successful businesses could be a complete moron.  The fact that his wife is versed in several languages and all of his children seem intelligent says to me that he can’t be an idiot.

It’s his lack of vocabulary, however, that continues to make me shake my head.  The interrupted sentences.  The repeated basic words such as “special” and “great”.  The constant wandering from the topic at hand as demonstrated by his mentioning of The Apprentice’s decreased ratings during the prayer breakfast today.  Part of me feels that he just has to know how unintelligent he sounds and must be doing it for show.

My inability to tolerate his speeches does not mean I assume he cannot better the country.  I was very pleased in hearing that he ensured the US would not be part of the TPP.  I’m curious to see what his plans are for NAFTA and future trade deals.  His lack of concern for the environment primarily through his denial of global warming is of great concern to me though.  His desire to revive the coal industry and his approval of major oil pipelines worries me tremendously.

As a moderate I am afforded this luxury of agreeing with some of his changes while critiquing others.  I cannot wrap my head around those who choose to be 100% Republican and treat President Trump as if he can do no wrong.  I also cannot understand those being 100% Democrat and criticizing every decision he makes.  Extremists on both sides of the aisle are ignorant in my eyes.  Neither is willing to read or listen to anything that doesn’t support their beliefs or look for facts that counter what they believe to be true.

In summary, next time you want to call someone who doesn’t support President Trump’s every action a liberal, just remember there are those of us out there who are moderate and are willing to play ball with anyone who can agree to be civil.


Yay Congress… You did what you’re supposed to do

When I read CNN articles about the government shutdown and debt ceiling lately  they seem as if they should fall under the category of “Entertainment”.  Then again maybe “politics” is just a fancier word for entertainment because it seems as every year it becomes more and more of a comedy act. 

Politicians have become like college students who procrastinate.  They know well in advance of a deadline for a big project having been given an outline at the beginning of the term, and yet there they are, staying up late and cramming to get in the final details the night before it’s due.  The ironic part though is while a student may get a poor grade for their rushed work, politicians seem to think they deserve an A+ just for completing the task regardless of how well it was done.

Boehner’s statement of “We fought, didn’t win” honestly outrages me.  Keeping the government open and funding it should not be a contest; it is the duty of the elected.  I feel as though the idea of defunding Obamacare by adding that as a requirement to pass legislation to keep the government open should never have even been considered.  Congress should’ve been required to pass a spending bill that did not include any “special requests”.  This whole shutdown was nothing more than Republicans being stubborn children, trying to throw added treats into their parents’ shopping cart which was already filled with what was required. 

I may not always agree with Obama, but I felt his comments about Republicans “holding hostages” by trying to defund Obamacare was dead on.  They had tried to pass numerous times the same type of legislation to no avail.  Why exactly would threatening to not open the government until they got what they wanted result in anything more?  If anything I believe it made more people angry at them and gave Obama and the Democrats more fuel to bash them. 

I often wonder what goes through the heads of the men and women in Congress.  I’m sure there are some, though likely very few, who do propose legislation and vote based upon morals and what their constituents really want.  Their numbers are too small though to have any real impact though, and if term limits were imposed I think that would greatly alleviate the issue.  If someone knew they were only to hold a position for say 4 or 6 years, then I believe they’d be more motivated to accomplish things and not so fearful to voice opposing opinions on issues.  Maybe then they would do more than the bare minimum of passing a budget that no one really agrees with and that they really just “kick down the road” to work out the details on at a later date.  Seeing as how they’d have to be the ones to vote to impose term limits on themselves, however, I really doubt that will happen.  They’ll continue to bicker and vote for whatever they believe will continue to get them reelected.  And they’ll celebrate their “accomplishment” of doing what they were elected to do.