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Running Q & A

In an effort to get to know more about fellow runners who follow my blog as well as divulge more about myself as a runner I’m posing the following questions with my answers.  Feel free to copy any/all the questions … Continue reading

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Hot Run, Group Run, Long Run

I am finally feeling like a “real” runner again and by real I mean consistently running as opposed to sporadically fitting it into my schedule.  I find that running three times a week seems to suit me best.  It’s often … Continue reading

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When Running Weather Calls

Yesterday I had all intentions of completing a DailyBurn workout after I finished work at 3pm.  I also planned on attending a town hall for employees hosted by the CEO of my company at 5pm.  I’m always paranoid of not … Continue reading

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My Garmin

I have always been old school when it comes to technology.  In middle school I was likely the last kid to convert from VHS tapes to DVDs as well as from cassettes to CDs.  In fact when it comes to … Continue reading

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Learning Direction

I don’t think that anyone can really discern whether or not he or she has a good sense of direction until one learns to drive.  Up until that point most of us really pay no mind to how we get … Continue reading

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