Tiny Estates Trip

Last September Jason and I stayed outside of Lititz in a tiny house for the first time.  When we discovered there was a campground turned tiny house community/vacation rental place in Elizabethtown we knew we would have to check that out as well.  Our trip was considered a mini getaway but also a “research trip” as we do often talk about the possibility of living in a tiny house someday.

Tiny Estates has a wide variety of tiny homes to choose from for an overnight stay.  They host tours to non-guests as well at $15 a person, but since we were guests our tour was free.  I didn’t particularly care for sleeping in a loft at the first tiny house (the steps were narrow to climb at night and the ceiling was low), so I searched for houses offering an actual bedroom.  We ultimately decided to stay in The Vision.

We worked a half day on Thursday morning then set out to visit Lititz for the afternoon since we couldn’t check into the tiny house until 3pm.  We had an amazing lunch at Tomato Pie Cafe (I really wish there was a location closer to home), and I tried a new flatbread that consisted of chicken, onions, squash and goat cheese with balsamic vinegar.  Jason was pleased by the salmon burger he tried.  Wilbur Chocolate Co. was our next stop for treats for my parents and his coworkers then we ventured to Zest for some goodies of our own.  We made a final stop at the Cafe Chocolate for drinks before heading to Elizabethtown.

I checked in at the office and received our badge for the security gate and key to the house.  We parked and located our house which had a great spot by a fishing pond though the one house behind it was a bit close for our liking.  After checking out what kitchen supplies we had we made a quick trip to Giant for stir fry ingredients for dinner.  Our first tiny house trip we didn’t bother cooking, but we wanted to get a more authentic feel of living in one during this trip.  Jason cooked and cleaned up then we wandered around looking at the other homes and relaxed by the pond.

Friday morning we ate oatmeal for breakfast and set out to run on the Conewago trail.  I was excited to run in a new place though disappointed that there was no porta potty at the trailhead.  The trail itself was very nice with trees on either side of it for almost the whole portion we ran and farmland beyond that.  There were a few street crossings with only one major one, and they were all marked well in advance.  We logged 7 miles at an easy pace and I wanted to push the final mile.  Unfortunately my right big toe had rubbed inside of my shoe within the first mile of the run and impeded my ability to speed up very much.

We returned to the tiny house to shower and eat leftover stir fry for lunch.  Then we walked to the office for our tour.  We were the only ones touring which meant we could ask plenty of questions.  I believe we toured 5 or 6 other tiny homes, each with a slightly different layout.  Our favorite was the newly added shipping container home which we’re hoping to stay in next year.

The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent relaxing by the pond and watching episodes of Cobra Kai on YouTube TV.  We went back into Elizabethtown to Babbos to get a white pizza to bring back for dinner.  As usual it didn’t quite meet Jason and my pizza-snob standards of being Scranton quality, but it was good enough.  More people started arriving, and the tour guide had told us all but one of the homes was booked out for the weekend.  This became apparent as the WiFi slowed down and we were glad we had booked Thurs – Sat rather than Fri – Sun.  A couple and their son utilized the hot tub near our house, but we had chosen not to bring our bathing suits.  Had we known our house’s proximity to it we might’ve reconsidered.  Saturday morning we ate breakfast and checked out of our tiny house.

Our stay was short but very relaxing.  The location of Tiny Estates is perfect for anyone wanting to check out Lititz, other areas of Lancaster or the Hershey area.  It is a very quiet and rural area, but a 5-10 minute drive to places in Elizabethtown for food or shopping.  Most of the houses rent for about $135-140 a night before taxes, so they’re very comparable to an average hotel. We plan to visit again and who knows, maybe even invest in a tiny house there someday!




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7 Responses to Tiny Estates Trip

  1. They look really nice! It sounds like you had a great time there. How was it not having as much space?

    • TracyNicole says:

      This tiny house was actually bigger than the first one we stayed in! It falls in the 300-400 sq ft range on the website and the first one was around 125 sq ft I believe. Having a separate bedroom area helped. The counter space in the kitchen really wasn’t much smaller than our current kitchen. Of course we have a full sized table in our dining/living room vs using a little flip up table, but it wasn’t a big deal. I think the biggest challenge I would encounter if I ever lived in one would be not being able to stock pile items like toilet paper, paper towels, etc. like I do now in our laundry room. I could probably downsize most other items but I like having a fully stocked pantry and plenty of back up items!

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