Weekly Randomness

There was a lot of mental stress and burnout this past week, and I think I’m finally feeling a bit recovered from it.  I was going to write separate posts about some of the events, but as usual the week passed faster than expected, so I’ll do my best to sum them up into individual paragraphs.

Carlisle –   After running the Turkey Hill Country Classic 10k Saturday morning I went home to relax a bit before driving to Carlisle for the Stan Morgan track invitational.  I had the option to ride the bus, but figured since none of my kids ran until after 5pm there was no need for me to leave at 1pm.  It’s not my favorite drive as I hate how fast people drive on 83 and 581, but I got to the stadium without any issues.  One of my 400m runners improved his best time of 54.8 to a 53.36 and finished 13th overall.  He gave the credit for his improved performance to the speed workouts I had made them run earlier in the week.  My boys’ 4x400m relay team also ran well and improved their best time by 6 seconds despite rain starting as soon as they stepped on the track.

It was after 9pm until I left.  I forgot that my Garmin system picks the turnpike as the fastest route, and only when I was in an unrecognized part of Carlisle did I think to stop and pull up my phone’s GPS to make sure I was on my preferred route to get on 81 instead.  Trying to watch the road and GPS wasn’t fun, and before I knew it there were police lights behind me.  I pulled over and learned that I had rolled through a stop sign while making a left turn.  I quickly apologized that I didn’t even see a stop sign and explained I was trying to find my way to 81 with the GPS and had no idea where I was.  Fortunately the officer let me off with a warning.  I was relieved when I finally got on 81 though the relief quickly became anxiety as I transitioned onto 581 and the rain became heavier.  I was following a tractor trailer that was throwing even more water on my car, but I was too scared to drive faster to pass it.  I was never so relieved to arrive back on 83.  I told Jason next year if I mention about driving myself to Carlisle and there’s any chance of rain to make me ride the bus.

Yaris – Worn out from the 10k and the track invite, I quickly fell into a deep sleep Sat. night.  This peace was disrupted around 2am by heavy beating on our door by a cop.  Jason mentioned to me that he had heard a loud noise a bit earlier and thought someone hit something in the alley behind the house.  Unfortunately he misheard and what was actually hit was his Toyota Yaris.  The night owl neighbor across the street had saw a white pickup fly around the corner, rear end the car, and speed off down the block.  She wasn’t able to get the plate.  We’re fairly certain it was a drunk driver given there’s a bar right over on the main street, the time of the morning it occurred, and the fact that the driver took off.  Our house doesn’t even sit on the corner, so obviously something caused the person to not be paying attention well enough when he/she rounded it to see a parked car ahead.  We all spent roughly an hour out in the rain (I grabbed an umbrella luckily) with the cop until the report was finished before heading back to bed.

Church World Service – Jason still wasn’t feeling the best from his stomach virus, so he decided to stay home while I met with two women from church to go to Lancaster to visit the Congolese refugee family we were partnered with.  I was indirectly forced to drive and was nervous about possible street parking as I cannot parallel park to save my life.  I lucked out in seeing the coordinator parking at the end of the block and saw room ahead of her car to park.  We entered the apartment and were very surprised to see a lack of furniture, but many smiling faces.  The family arrived the beginning of April and had a neighbor visiting who acted as a translator.  Our coordinator brought along paper and crayons and had the five children trace their hands and write in them various things they liked which turned out to be mostly food items.  Myself and the two other women did our best to learn some of the Swahili words they had written.  As it was a dreary rainy day we didn’t get to walk to the nearby park to play.  We visited for about an hour then headed back to York.  I am still processing everything from the visit and how I feel about it.  While the family is super friendly I am very nervous about visiting with them without a coordinator or translator.  Swahili is a very difficult language, and I am struggling with some of the family members’ names as they have many syllables.  Jason and I are hoping to visit later this month on a nice weather day so that we can go to the park figuring that being engaged in an activity will lessen the need for communicating and create a chance to bond without words.

Yaris Continued – The visual damage to the Yaris included a dented bumper, dented hatch, flattened front passenger tire (the truck had apparently pushed the car into the curb) and the side panel pulling away from the wheel well.  For those reasons we couldn’t determine if it was drive-able so my dad hauled it to the collision center Monday afternoon for us.  We received confirmation on Thursday that the car was deemed a total loss due to the repairs costing more than the value of the car.  We weren’t surprised by that, but were still bummed particularly Jason who adored that car.  He is considering getting another one, most likely newer than his 2008, but for now are managing with one car.

Rehab – On Monday I sent an online message about my hamstring injury to the orthopedic doctor I saw a few years ago regarding my knee pain.  Much to my surprise I received a call from his athletic trainer on Tuesday.  She asked me a few questions and I gave a description of what was happening.  She recommended taking Aleve daily for a week and emailed me rehab exercises focused on the back, piriformis muscle and IT band to complete and said she would follow up in a week to reevaluate.  I honestly expected to have to make an appointment or else go to physical therapy, so that phone call and instructions made me happy.  I have been completing at least 20-30 mins of the exercises a day.  I know I should be fitting in two sets a day, but with coaching last week that just wasn’t happening.  I’m also not a fan of taking a medication everyday, but I figured it best to follow orders.  I did walk to practice one day and walked home, so that gave me about 3.5 miles and made me feel more accomplished since not running for at least two weeks makes me feel like a bum.

YAIAA Meet – The county wide track meet was held at our track Fri. evening.  No sooner did the trials of the 100m begin and the rain started.  It was very light at first and gave us time to put up umbrellas, but quickly turned into a torrential downpour to which even going under the bleachers for shelter provided no relief.  My jeans were soaked from the bottom up to my knees.  The meet was delayed a half hour.  I had already planned to leave to pick up Jason from work and return, so I left during the delay to run home and change clothes.  No sooner did I do this and the skies cleared.  The rest of the night was near perfect conditions for the meet.

My girls’ 4×400 team improved their best time by 10 seconds (granted we did have a faster girl run it due to one of the team members tearing her meniscus earlier this week at soccer practice, my hatred of single sport specialization can be written about in another post) and won their heat, so they were pleased.  My boys’ 4×400 team was running really well until the second runner was approaching the third runner to hand off the baton.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, the two officials watching the relay exchanges did not realign the runners to match the order in which the teams were coming in.  This made my second runner have to run farther out to get the third runner the baton.  When the third runner was about 200m in, myself and two other coaches began screaming at the fourth runner to move up, to slide to the inner lanes since our team was one of the top teams.  He started to but then returned back to his spot in an outside lane.  Once again our team had to run farther to get the baton passed.  I was furious at the officials for not doing their job properly, but our head coach had been screaming even more crazy angry that I had been.  The boys did still manage a two second personal best, and finished fourth overall which earned them medals.

As you have read my week has been a whirlwind of car drama, track highs and lows and personal struggles both physically and emotionally.  Here’s hoping for a calmer week this week!

Have you ever been part of a hit and run accident?  Does driving in the rain bother you?  Do you have any tips for communicating with someone who doesn’t speak your language?

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Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental and Indigenous Peoples advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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6 Responses to Weekly Randomness

  1. Whoa, you have had a lot to deal with lately. I’ve never been the victim of a hit and run accident. I hope you’re able to get your car situation figured out soon, because I know it’s a pain dealing with all of that. As far as communicating with others in languages I don’t speak, hand gestures, sort of like charades, go a long way, along with keeping things simple. My husband often tries to say things in very complicated sentences especially if we’re in a Spanish-speaking country and I’m always telling him to keep it simple.

    • TracyNicole says:

      We’re not looking forward to car shopping, so we’re blessed that my work from home and flexible hours are allowing us to manage with one car for now. Since I’m done coaching for the year it makes it even easier since Jason can take the car to work the days I don’t have any errands/appointments and I can just stay home all day. Those are very good suggestions – I think I’m worried about the same issue as your husband has, I’m a very wordy person and need to learn to simplify! Jason is a very quiet person so I think he’ll do better than me! I actually wish they spoke Spanish instead as I took 4 years in high school and 3 semesters in college so I could manage some simple convo. The coordinator told us that using phones is fine as well, to show pictures of things but I want to limit that as much as possible… we have enough of people glued to their phones in this country and I don’t want them to think that’s how we all interact with each other!

  2. Laurie says:

    What an eventful week, Tracey! So sorry to hear about the Yaris. We used to live across the street from a bar and had so much trouble. Our car was never hit, but someone slashed our tires one time. We also came home to drunks sitting on our porch. Ugh!

    Sorry I missed you at Turkey Hill. The weather wasn’t great and I had, um…intestinal issues after the race, so we didn’t hang around very long. I still really liked the race, though.

    The Church World Service family that you are helping is very lucky to have you. What a wonderful program!

    • TracyNicole says:

      To add insult to injury I just found out yesterday that the $500 deductible is getting taken from our payout for the car… I thought we would only pay that if the car was getting repaired. The original paperwork just showed the total amount being paid and didn’t include that deduction. Makes me an even unhappier camper! That is awful your tires were slashed and I wouldn’t know what to do if I came home to drunks on the porch! Apparently that same night a different office had to go deal with a drunk person driving a lawn mower. People need to learn how to handle their alcohol or not drink around here!

      I was bummed I missed out on meeting you in person; I kept looking but of course there were so many people there! I sometimes have the post-race tummy troubles as well though they usually hold off until I make it home. Maybe we’ll meet up next year or at another race in the area sometime!

      Jason, the one lady and I are planning to visit again Sat. the 25th. I’m anxious to see what Jason thinks of the experience. I am getting more comfortable with the whole idea of communicating without much shared language; my only major fear still is mispronouncing names as I feel that’s so insulting to do!

      • Laurie says:

        Oh, Tracey, so sorry to read about the $500. Ugh!

        I’m sure that the people you are visiting will help you pronounce their names. You are doing a really good thing!

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