2019 – 1st Quarter Fitness Summary

When I decided in 2016 to make it a goal to never take off more than 2 days in a row from working out, I began a simple spreadsheet to hold myself accountable.  It lists the date, exercise type (Running, DailyBurn, etc), duration and any notes which are usually just which running route I ran.  I know some people make their logs very detailed including temperature, heart rate, etc.  I like to keep mine simple so that I stick to using it, and until I see a benefit to adding more categories I’ll continue with my current ones.

I’ve never been one to set mileage goals.  Over the winter and during track season just keeping consistent with running (ie 2-3 runs a week) is a big enough goal to tackle given the extremes in weather and the increased busyness to my schedule.  For that reason I have never actually added up the number of miles I’ve ran in a month.  Inspired by the last day of the month I thought it might be fun to do that for a change.

In January I took off 3 days from working out and had 11 days of running totaling 67.53 miles.  That included racing the Indian Rock 10k.  In February I took off 5 days from working out and had 9 days of running totaling 51.7 miles.  That included racing the Springettsbury 10k.  In March I took off 6 days from working out and had 13 days of running totaling 45.85 miles.  That included racing the Northeastern 5k.

My mileage is certainly on a downward trend thanks to track season beginning the first week of March.  It may appear odd since I had more total running days, but I often join the kids for part of their workouts such as a 1-2 mile warmup or on pre-meet days a 2-3 mile run.  I coach mid distance runners (400 and 800m runners and 300m hurdlers) and their long runs don’t need to be as long as the distance runners’ workouts.

I’m not running the 5-6 miles on Wednesday evenings with the group anymore as they meet when I’m coaching.  I’ve been able to keep a Saturday run in my schedule due to Jason signing up to run a 5k with me, dad and Armand in April and a 10k with me in May.  He’s needed to build his mileage up and we’ve ran 6 miles the past two Saturdays.  He should be running through the week as well, but that’s a lecture for another post.

I have been rather consistent with my core workouts thanks in part to making my kids do core regularly after their workouts.  I have also kept up with at least one upper body workout a week.  Normally I combine two 10 min DailyBurn workouts featuring chest/triceps and back/biceps to get 20 mins of work completed.  My active recovery days are slacking a bit, but I still try to foam roll as needed.  I find that with not having as many days of running or longer miles that I’m not needing as much mobility or yoga work.

Looking at how much my mileage has decreased, I’m very grateful I made the decision to run the Turkey Hill 10k instead of the half marathon.  Sometimes I miss having more runs and longer runs in my week, but I enjoy coaching and feel it’s worth the sacrifice to my own training.  I think it’s also good to have it built in as an “off season” for myself in hopes that it will motivate me mentally and physically to gear up even more for racing this summer.

 Do you use a fitness log and if so, what do you track?  Do you set weekly or monthly mileage goals?  Do you plan an off season in your yearly training?

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Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental and Indigenous Peoples advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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5 Responses to 2019 – 1st Quarter Fitness Summary

  1. This is one area I’m not disciplined in at all. I kept a training log when I started running many years ago but that only lasted about a year. I guess now that I use Strava, that counts as my training log, now that I think of it. I’ll sometimes put comments in there as well so I can look back and understand more. I do plan an off-season but it varies from year to year. Some years it’s been during our ungodly hot and humid August and other months during January or February. I usually don’t take more than a month off of running but I may cut back my miles and intensity the month before or after as well.

    • TracyNicole says:

      Strava is an app correct? Do you need to run with your phone for it to track the data? I don’t blame you for taking a month off with all the regular racing you do! It’s a good way to reset yourself physically and mentally.

      • Yes, Strava is an app that can track running and cycling info. You just link it to something else so mine syncs to my Garmin watch. I don’t have to run with my phone, as long as I have my watch when I run. You can also track how many miles you put on your running shoes, so that’s a nice feature.
        I’m always amazed at all the extra time I have when I don’t run, but I forget about all the other things like changing clothes before I run, stretching and foam rolling after, etc. and it all adds up. It’s nice to give myself a bit of that break like you said physically and mentally as well.

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