Weekly Randomness

With my nasal congestion putting my brain in a rather good fog today I’m going to just highlight some randomness from this past week.

-My lifelong concert buddy, Lindsey, informed me that Breaking Benjamin will be performing in Hershey this summer.  Thanks to her presale code from attending a Bears game she was able to order us tickets a day early and score us great seats.  This will be my 6th time seeing them in concert.  They’re performing with Chevelle who I haven’t seen, and Three Days Grace who I have seen, but not since the lead singer was replaced.  I didn’t attend any concerts last year which is a rarity for me, so I’m super excited to have one on the calendar for this year.

-Jason found several restaurants in New Orleans of interest as well as a plantation tour, so our TripAdvisor trip profile is growing.  I have a list of hotels narrowed down to three, and plan to read more reviews closer to our booking before making a final decision.  In addition to New Orleans and our usual Ocean City, MD trip, we’re considering a long weekend in Jamestown, NY to check out their comedy museum.

-I really hope the weather this spring for track season is not nearly as erratic as this past week’s weather was.  On Wed. I watched about 5-6 inches of snow fall throughout the day then turn around and ran in 40 degree temps Thurs. afternoon with my track kids.

-I was finally able to find a way to thank my running buddies, Todd and Armand, for their mentoring over the past two years.  The three of us ran 6 miles yesterday then went out to breakfast.  I surprised them and myself by polishing off two pieces of French toast, 2 scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of bacon.  Normally the French toast would be enough to fill me, but I guess I worked harder during those 6 miles than I realized.  I picked up the bill and told them that I owed a lot of my growth as a runner to their guidance and friendship, and they graciously accepted.

-I am currently reading The Wisdom of the Native Americans, a book Jason bought me for Christmas.  I’m really focusing on taking my time and reading each section slowly, something that I tend not to do as I’m a fast reader and fly through books.  I think it is helping me to appreciate the philosophy and spiritual guidance contained in the book.  I am fascinated by what I am learning about Native Americans’ beliefs, and am only saddened by the thought that they seemed to have taken much better care of the planet than those of us from European cultures have.  We could learn much from their ways of thinking and living.

-Coincidentally our church’s guest speaker this morning was a Native American, Frank Little Bear, a lecturer of Native American history, musician and artist.  He played his flute at the beginning of the service, led a Lakota prayer, told a Cree story from his tribe to the children, spoke on the subject of “trust” during his sermon and concluded the service with playing a drum.  It was one of the most interesting church services I have attended to date, and am grateful to have found a church that is vastly different from the churches I have attended in the past.

Here’s hoping that this head cold vanishes sooner rather than later as I’m one week away from the official start of spring track season when life gets super crazy!

About Tracy

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental and Indigenous Peoples advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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4 Responses to Weekly Randomness

  1. Enjoy your week before craziness!

  2. Laurie says:

    Hope your cold is gone by now! You are going to New Orleans!!! How cool! We have been to the Big Easy several times but never without kids. Sometimes we went with our own kids and sometimes we were chaperons for a quiz bowl team when the national tournament was in NO. We need to go back for an adult visit! I will look forward to reading your thoughts on the city.

    • TracyNicole says:

      I’m still blowing my nose at times but I’m breathing normally at night which means I moved from the couch back to the bed with the threat that if I start up again Jason will oust me once more! I am very excited for New Orleans – do you have any must see/do items? It sounds like you definitely need an adult visit there!

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