My Love of DailyBurn

Disclaimer – I am in no way directly affiliated with DailyBurn nor am I being compensated in any way for the following blog entry.  I have mentioned DailyBurn as part of my workout routine in other blog entries and felt I was overdue in elaborating on exactly what it is so here we go:

I am a runner at heart.  In high school I gained some appreciation for weight lifting as it helped me to have a very successful senior track season.  Over the years I have tried various workout DVDs and programs and hated them.  I found them to be either too complicated (I’m not the most coordinated person), too long (who has time for 60 min workouts everyday?), too fast paced or just too boring.

I found a solution to my non-running workout woes when I discovered DailyBurn.  Jason signed up for it a few years ago.  It is a fitness app; we downloaded it via our Roku.  Around August 2016 I started doing more and more of its workouts and I have even completed the entire Tactical Bodyweight Training program.

The following are the main reasons I love DailyBurn and would recommend it to anyone, runner or not.

1 – New Workouts  Each day there is a live 30 minute workout aired at 9am EST from the DailyBurn studio in NYC known as DB365.  That workout can be played for 24 hours.  On the weekends it’s not always a live workout but rather one from the past that is reran.


Workout I completed today

2 – Program Variety  There are so many programs offered from cardio to kickboxing to yoga.  You can choose to either complete the entire program or pick a specific workout from the program to complete.  New programs get added every so often as well.  The latest one, 10 minute Tone, is great for creating your own workout or tacking on some strength work after a run.

3 – Quality Trainers  Each trainer definitely brings a certain personality to his or her workout.  What they all have in common though is their ability to break down the moves so that anyone can understand how to complete them.  In the daily workout modifications are often shown by one of the in studio members, either to simplify the moves or to add more intensity such as adding weights.

4 – No Equipment Needed  The daily workout requires no equipment.  It’s a good idea to have a yoga mat at minimum because of completing core moves, but there are plenty of days where I don’t even need that.  Sometimes light dumbbells can be used to make moves more challenging but again, they’re not required to complete the workout.  Some of the programs require dumbbells or a box, but other programs require no equipment such as the Tactical BodyWeight Training.

5 – Made for Everyone  Unless someone is an elite athlete I would wager that nearly everyone, from someone just starting a fitness journey to those of us who regularly workout, will find some benefit from DailyBurn.  Its workouts cover everything – cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility.  While I don’t utilize it, there is an online community for members to chat live during the daily workout.  Each week features a theme/quote that is discussed during the live workouts.  Members are invited to attend the in studio workouts or to participate via webcam as well.  It truly creates an interactive environment for those who like that type of motivation to keep up their workouts.

Since supplementing my running with regular DailyBurn workouts I have grown so much as an athlete.  I have gained strength in my total body.   I have been able to maintain my fitness even through a busy spring that involved coaching track and line judging volleyball games.  I have stayed injury free in my running partly due to learning better warmup and cooldown techniques.  I have learned new core moves to utilize when coaching my track kids.  Above all else, I have found fun in workouts that don’t involve running.

If you have any questions about DailyBurn please feel free to comment below.  I encourage everyone to sign up for the free 30 day trial and if you do, please let me know how you like it!



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13 Responses to My Love of DailyBurn

  1. AJ says:

    Thanks for the info, that sounds like an awesome program:)

  2. I had heard of it but didn’t know the details. Thanks for the info!

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