Kayaking Lake Redman

When Jason and I moved to our current house in August 2015 we quickly discovered how close we lived to Lake Redman.  It is a 290 acre lake that is part of the William Kain County park.  We both had always wanted to try out kayaking.  I think we rented kayaks twice that year and explored the lake.  Being able to rent them was convenient, but more than once we arrived to find all the kayaks rented.  The following summer we decided to buy our own.  This turned out to be a smart decision as the rental building has shorter hours this summer and doesn’t open until the afternoons.

Jason and I took vacation days this past Thurs. and Fri. to have a long weekend.  We were fortunate to have great weather for a change as the weatherman had said the previous 7 of 8 weekends had rain either Sat. or Sun.  Thurs. morning we awoke around 6:30am and arrived at the the lake and unloaded the kayaks by 7:30am.  There were very few people there, mostly fishermen, and the area we explored was all ours for the morning.


Jason told me to paddle ahead of him while he took some pics


Beautiful morning on the lake

One perk to exploring the lake via a kayak rather than a boat is that we could get closer to the shoreline.  This allowed us to take a break and pull the kayaks out of the water onto the shore and enjoy a snack on a park bench.  We saw a few different types of birds; one kept diving near us but was too quick to capture with the camera.  After our break we paddled as far as we could to the one edge of the lake.  There is a small dam with plenty of warning signs indicating to not go any further.  We turned around and headed back the direction from which we came.


Posing for a pic


This portion of the lake is visible from I83


Sunbathing turtle family

Jason is a stronger paddler than I am and never seems to struggle.  When I had to paddle against the the wind I found it to be quite an arm workout.  For this reason I counted kayaking as my workout for the day.  We spent nearly two hours on the lake which was enough time to explore about half of it.  Although we wore sunblock and hats, being fair skinned we didn’t want to spend too much time in the sun.  We plan to return again this summer to explore the opposite side of the lake.


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4 Responses to Kayaking Lake Redman

  1. That lake is gorgeous! I miss lakes!

    • TracyNicole says:

      It really is! There are running trails within the county park as well but I’ve never ran on any of them; I always end up going just to kayak. Aw there’s always pros and cons to anywhere we live it seems!

      • My hubs loves the ocean–that’s what he’s always been around. I took him to a lake and it freaked him out–he hated that he couldn’t always see to the bottom. I spent my whole childhood in lakes–I love them!

      • TracyNicole says:

        I love all bodies of water; I just find them so relaxing! Lake Redman doesn’t allow swimming as it’s actually a reservoir for York County Water Co. Jason doesn’t have an issue kayaking on the lake but I can’t get him to go swimming in one. He wouldn’t even wade in the one creek in our old town; for some reason he fears flesh eating amoebas after hearing stories of people losing limbs from swimming in lakes with them. I told him that’s typically in southern states and that lakes around here don’t get warm enough to have that happen, plus some of I’ve gone to like Gifford Pinchot and Mt. Gretna are monitored and regularly tested for bacteria and closed if levels are too high. He will go in the ocean but isn’t a strong swimmer so when we went on our cruise to the Bahamas/Grand Turk he loved it since he could see the bottom and not have waves to battle.

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