When Running Weather Calls

Yesterday I had all intentions of completing a DailyBurn workout after I finished work at 3pm.  I also planned on attending a town hall for employees hosted by the CEO of my company at 5pm.  I’m always paranoid of not having enough time to get to events, so I figured staying in and doing DailyBurn would ensure I had enough time to shower and get to the town hall.

Mother Nature had other plans in store for me.  With a temperature around 70*F and near non-existent humidity the weather was just begging me to run in it.  After spending so much of the spring being miserable due to the cold and/or rain I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to run in weather that great.  I figured as long as I was home before 4pm I would still have enough time to shower, get ready and drive to the town hall.

I spent the last 10 minutes of my shift warming up so that I could head right out the door to pound the pavement.  I chose to run my 4 mile loop since it would be something short but challenging as it includes some hills.  After running almost 11 min miles last week I started out harder, hoping to run faster and because the first mile is mostly flat and downhill.  The hills weren’t as bad as I anticipated despite not running any in ages.  I think the DailyBurn workouts have kept my legs strong, but I certainly need to get some speed back to accompany that strength.  Running down Main Street in the last mile a car passed me and a guy yelled out something along the lines of “Keep it up” which made me smile.  He looked like my sister’s first boyfriend, but the car didn’t match, so I’m unsure if it was one of the kids I coach or a random stranger.  In any case the random encouragement was appreciated.  I hit the 4 mile mark a few houses from mine which enabled me to jog a mini cool down (I’m guilty of never actually cooling down, just stretching) to my house.

I’ve been a bit frustrated with my Garmin watch as of late because it no longer beeps and displays my mile splits.  I’ve checked the settings and the tones are turned on; I’m not sure if it’s just showing its age, but I’ve just had to try to keep an eye on it more than usual.  Fortunately it still displays the overall results.


I typically don’t utilize sports drinks unless it’s very hot and humid, or I’m going for a run longer than 6 miles.  I just feel most are too sugar laden, particularly regular Gatorade which sits heavy in my stomach after drinking it.  If I indulge in a sports drink it’s usually Gatorade’s G2 version which I find to be lighter tasting.  I had a digital coupon to try BodyArmor and it was on sale at the grocery store the other week, so Jason and I picked out 3 flavors to try.  I finished off the strawberry banana flavor post run and found it to be light in flavor as well.  I may start using that as my go to sports drink.


I plan on running again tomorrow, hopefully with my usual Wed. night running group, and again on Friday or Saturday.  I know I’m in generally decent shape, but for some reason I always hold back in increasing mileage and speed when I haven’t ran consistently for a month or more.  Knock on wood I’ve rarely dealt with running injuries, so I’m not sure what causes this reservation.  I think I just enjoy running so much I don’t want to take any chances by doing too much too soon and getting injured and not being able to run.  That said I certainly feel ready to be back to running 3x a week again.  That desire is enhanced even more when Mother Nature blesses me with great weather.

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Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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4 Responses to When Running Weather Calls

  1. The weather really has been PERFECT for running! Glad you are enjoying!

    • TracyNicole says:

      Yes, I was so worried we were headed straight into the hot humidity of summer so I have been loving every minute of this week’s more spring-like weather!

  2. It’s always nice when the weather gods are runner-friendly!

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