Clothing Clean Out

One of my favorite hobbies is getting hooked on concepts and reading as much as I can about them and never following through with implementing them.  This would include everything from prepping to homesteading to tiny house living.  While I tend to dabble in these interests to some capacity (I have a 3 person tent that has never been used, canned applesauce once and do intend to at least vacation in a tiny home hopefully later this year), I think I enjoy being fascinated by the ideas more than anything.  One would think that reading as much as I do on the topics would motivate me to actually move forward with implementing them in my life, but it doesn’t normally.  Quite often I’m satisfied just to find more reading material.

One concept I like to think I’ve actually implemented well in my life is an anti-consumerism mentality.  I admit I’m not good about re-purposing things (Jason does better with that and turned part of an old living room stand into a squirrel feeder), but I stick to a habit of not buying something unless I truly need it or want it.  Even when I want it I like for it to serve a legitimate purpose.  For example this winter I finally bought an area rug for the bedroom.  I had prolonged it for the fact that I wanted it more than I felt I needed it.  Some very cold days this winter prompted the practical notion of the rug helping to keep the bedroom, and my feet, warmer and thus I bought the rug.

Clothing is one item that I can say I very rarely ever buy unless I truly need it.  Working from home certainly helps as I live in sweats and hoodies the majority of the year.  Putting on jeans and a sweater to go out to dinner on the weekend has become my version of “dressing up”.

All of that said I am as guilty as anyone for holding onto clothing that I never wear.  Some is for sentimental reasons such as my 2003 championship track jacket with my name on it as well as my track spikes from senior year.  Once in a blue moon I’ll wear the jacket, but the spikes certainly will never serve a purpose again.  I’d like to think that someday I will crack and eventually get rid of them.  For now though they are a reminder of how much of an achievement it was to quality for the District 3 championship meet as it was the last time I ever wore them.

The other clothing I’ve been guilty of keeping in the back of the closet is dressy/club clothes.  For some reason I’ve just always thought there may someday be an event that would merit wearing them.  I did actually wear the one dress in 2013 when I went on my first cruise though I don’t believe I’ve worn it since.  I’ve always kept old dress clothes with the notion that I may someday have a job that requires wearing them.  Never-mind the fact that I only ever have to wear them for work now maybe once a year.

Perhaps it’s all the tiny home research I’ve been doing.  Maybe it’s just this overwhelming desire for spring and with that wanting to clean out things.  It could even be wanting to get something accomplished other than cleaning the bathroom.  For whatever reason tonight I finally accepted the fact that the vast majority of those dressy/club clothes will never be worn again.  Truth be told I’m sure other than the dress pants everything else is very out of style anyway.  Not that I’m one to care much about fashion, but a lot of the tops were bought when I worked at the Deb Shop while in college.

I was shocked to discover that I had six pair of black pants of which only one differed in being pinstriped.  All but two were put in a garbage for donation.  I also weeded out several club tops, holding onto three “just in case”.  Jean skits, gaucho pants (I’m fairly certain those did not stay in style long but I loved how comfy they were), a dress I wore for my senior pictures and a scarf I’ve never worn all went into the bag as well.  A few other items were included and the bag was finally stuffed.

I know that if I do ever have a real desire to pursue tiny house living someday I will have to fully embrace downsizing everything.  I’d like to think cleaning out my clothing is a good start.

About Tracy

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental and Indigenous Peoples advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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3 Responses to Clothing Clean Out

  1. It must be quite exciting to read up on those concepts and start imagining that you’re gonna do it at one point. I think I had the same tendency as a child. I loved reading arts-and-crafts and science-experiment stuff, and would get excited about the possibility of doing them, but like you, rarely get to fully implement any of them, haha! Good to know you’re working on actually implementing at least one of those concepts! I also don’t like buying things I don’t need; for example, I have one hair tie, and as long as it doesn’t get lost, I don’t intend on buying any more. I do have more clothes than I actually use though, and your post has reminded me to take a look at my closet and start downsizing it, too.

    • TracyNicole says:

      I think one reason I have never joined Pinterest is because I hear of people pinning all these recipes to make or crafts to complete and no one ever actually does. It just seems like a waste of time and I obviously waste enough time reading about topics that I never implement. I find the anti-consumerism philosophy fairly easy to follow though. I’m surprised you only have one hair tie; I definitely have a few of those as I’ve had them go missing or break. I find clothing is one of the easiest areas to focus on cleaning out – good luck!

      • I used to have many hair ties, and lost all but one. It made me realize I could actually survive with just the one hair tie and it’s made me more mindful of *not* losing it, since it’s the only one I have at the moment. Haha

        Thank you for sharing, Tracy! Interesting post. 🙂

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