Weekend Winter Woes

I like to think that for the most part I have been less whiny than usual this year when it comes to winter.  I’ve been outside more which has helped keep any seasonal depression at bay.  My chilblains have been limited to one finger and five toes, an improvement over last year despite colder temps this year, and they have not itched or been as painful as previous years.  I’ve gotten more running in than I have since my senior year of winter track.  I have survived multiple days in a row of sub-zero temps and took them in stride by layering up and turning up the heat.  I dealt with my first legit cold in quite a few years.

All that being said I think winter finally caught up to me this weekend and has made me gone full blown “I hate winter” whiny.  Unfortunately it caught up to Jason as well.  Fri. afternoon he developed classic flu symptoms – fever, chills, aches and a cough.  I kept him company at work that evening (he works 2nd shift and is the only person in the building after a certain time except for the cleaning crew) when he realized the systems were behind and he wouldn’t get out on time.  Like me he rarely ever gets sick so this hit him rather hard.

Sat. morning he still had a very low fever and cough so he decided to stay home while my dad and I made the 40 min trip to Harrisburg to Ashley Furniture’s warehouse to pick up our new couch.  This was the 2nd one that was ordered as I was called weeks ago when the first one came in damaged and told to reschedule the pick up as they would need to order a new one.  The warehouse worker cut open the plastic wrap and cardboard and began helping me inspect the couch only to discover the back part of the frame was either bent or broken.  I was devastated and could’ve cried.  The worker said they could order another one (keep it mind we originally ordered it over MLK weekend) or have a technician repair it.  I called Jason who was livid and the warehouse worker could tell I was frustrated.  He went to the office and came back and said they could deliver a new one for free (normally over $100 which is why we agreed to pick it up to begin with) but Jason and I just wanted a refund.  We ended up having to go to the actual store that night to process the return.  I apologized more than once to my dad who had wasted his time and gas driving his Explorer and small trailer up there to haul it for us.  Fortunately he was chill about it, but I’m still upset by the whole situation as I loved the color of the couch and the chaise portion of it.  I also hate shopping in general so knowing we have to go find something new somewhere else annoys me.

Sun. morning I met my dad and two running friends to pre-run the Springettsbury 10k course that we’re set to race this Sat.  The weather seemed tolerable until we actually started running.  While it didn’t feel as if there was a wind, there certainly was a head wind when we started.  The relief that came when we turned into a development was quickly destroyed by having to run up one of the longest, steepest hills I think I’ve ever ran.  I cursed hills the entire way up and cursed winter for limiting my training and not feeling as in shape to be running that type of hill.  The only perk was having ran it I now won’t have the awful surprise when I race it on Sat.  My legs felt destroyed for almost the whole rest of the run and even the smaller hills felt torturous.

Mother Nature saw fit to add to my agony by increasing the wind speed and adding in snow for the last two miles.  I wished I had worn sunglasses just to prevent my eyes from the stinging.  I kept my head lowered and pushed through each step as best as I could.  If it wasn’t for running with Armand (dad and Todd were way ahead kicking our butts) I likely would’ve walked though I knew that it would just take even longer to get back to my car which is all I wanted at that point.  I can only hope the actual race conditions are much less brutal as the hills will be challenging enough.

The picture below was me after the run – wind burned red cheeks, frozen feeling eyeballs and just overall worn out feelings.


The rest of the day seemed to be more pleasant as I came home to take a warm shower and make chocolate chip pancakes for lunch.  Jason’s symptoms other than the cough had subsided and we watched episodes of the X files before enjoying slow cooker Thai chicken for dinner.  Then we settled in to watch the Superbowl.  Although I tend to hate the Eagles I was rooting for them just so that the Patriots wouldn’t win another Superbowl.  I was glad that the whole game was exciting from start to finish as the years that it’s been a blowout ended up boring me.

Going to bed on a high note didn’t last as around 1am Jason woke up with a nosebleed.  This has happened to both of us before as the electric baseboard heating and space heater we sometimes use tends to dry out the bedroom air substantially.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t get it to stop.  I called the doctor’s office to have the on call doctor paged, but when he removed toilet paper from his nose and a huge blood clot came out I made the decision to just take him to the emergency room.  The closest one is less than 10 minutes away but all the lovely snow/sleet/rain mix from the day had created an icy glaze at spots.  My car skid turning from the one road onto the highway ramp and I partially panicked and did actually cry a little after out of fear of crashing.  It’s aggravating trying to safely drive in winter conditions but wanting to hurry as well.

We arrived safely and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours in the emergency room.  My sister said that actually wasn’t a bad period of time to be there as when she went last year she was there 8 hours.  I know patients have to be prioritized on the basis of need and that most hospitals are short staffed, but it was an exhausting experience nonetheless.  Jason was triaged within the first 45 minutes and they had him wear a plastic clamp on his nose which after about an hour stopped the bleeding.  We really just wanted to go home and sleep, but we knew that they would want him seen by a doctor.  The doctor didn’t feel it was necessary to cauterize his nose and around 4:40am sent us on our way.  I had texted my manager that I wouldn’t be starting at my usual 7am but still did end up starting by 10am.

I can honestly say I have not felt this exhausted in a long time and am spoiled in that I almost always get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  I’m surprised I have the energy to blog but knowing I might not get to the rest of the week was motivation to see what I could get written.  Not to mention a vent session was needed to try to clear out the negativity and reset for tomorrow in hopes that the rest of the week will prove uneventful.  Here’s hoping for some good sleep tonight!



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