Struggles of considering a new position

I have been toying with the idea of applying to a position I saw posted at my company last week.  Originally Jason had interest in applying but decided he wants to keep an eye out for openings at the bank he works for instead.  Once he decided not to apply it crossed my mind to consider it.

In March I will have been in my current position for 2 years and in September I will be at the company 4 years.  Overall I enjoy the work I do albeit I don’t need 40 hours to complete it all (my disdain for the 40 hour workweek shall be fodder for another blog rant someday).  The main perks, however, are getting to work from home and design my own schedule within reason.  I had to give up coaching jr high cross country in 2011 when I obtained a full time job as the hours did not allow me to be off work in time to get to practice by 3pm.  I never imagined I would ever hold a position that enabled me to coach again.  It goes without saying that working from home is awesome.  No longer do I stress about bad weather and I live in athletic pants, tshirts and hoodies.  I simply wander to the fridge when I’m hungry and never have to wait in line to use the bathroom.

For these reasons I have never really considered leaving my current job.  I won’t go into details as to why I have some dissatisfaction with the position (you never know who may stumble upon my blog and there’s no certainty I won’t be staying in this position a lot longer), but it’s gotten to the point that I’m willing to entertain another option even if it means possibly giving up coaching, my real career passion, and working from home.

I had to update my resume which wasn’t too painful since it really only required adding my current role.  I did do some better formatting and Googled whether it was acceptable to have 2 pages.  There’s no way of condensing it into one without shrinking the font to unreadable levels but at least there’s only one job and education history listed on the 2nd page.  I tried to include as many “buzzwords” as possible in case there’s any computer scanner that reads it before an actual human does.

The most irritating part of applying for a job though has to be writing a cover letter.  For someone who enjoys writing as much as I do, I despite writing cover letters.  I think it comes down to feeling like it’s professional bullshit.  Instead of just writing as myself I have to make sure to fancy it up to make myself more appealing.  I would much rather be blunt and be like look, I have A B and C skills and you’re looking for that and I’m interested in this position for X Y and Z reasons.  Straight forward and to the point.

I remember years ago after graduating college I did a phone interview for a position with an insurance company and the lady asked me what my dream job was.  I was honest and told her a high school athletic director and gave the reasons.  At the end of the interview she offered me a “tip” and said in the future if I was asked that question to not give an answer other than the position I was applying for.  I was baffled – she asked what my DREAM job was – did she honestly believe that was going to be an entry level insurance company position?

I actually had to Google how to format a cover letter as it feels like ages since I wrote one.  I rewrote portions of it a few times as I felt like it was too formal and stereotypical and my own voice wasn’t really coming through.  I tried to write it how I would speak, but more professional of course.  I’m grateful to have it finished though and I’m sure it helped my writing skills to complete it.  I’m going to have Jason and Angel read it tomorrow just to be sure it’s ready to be submitted.

Now that the hard part of applying is over I am content to sit back and see if fate decides I should be headed down a new path or am meant to stay where I am.


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