Weekend Randomness

Normally I struggle with writer’s block but for some odd reason tonight I just have too many thoughts all trying to come out at once that it seems impossible to stay focused on one topic.  I wrote about half a blog entry on the concept of choice only to start in on discussing careers while ranting about 40 hour work weeks in my head.  Then I started to write about listening to your body as an athlete while thinking about how, without even trying it, I’m reducing my sugar consumption and naturally looking for healthier alternatives.  I almost gave up on writing tonight completely but I’ve been doing well at being more consistent at writing that it seemed a shame to throw in the towel.  So my compromise is to just ramble about the various items that filled my weekend in hopes that will calm my brain back down so that I can write a more well thought out post later this week.

Friday evening my mom came over to watch 47 Meters Down on Netflix with me.  We had considered going to see it at the movies when it came out but were hesitant that it might not be worth the money.  She and I don’t have a lot in common, but we do have a shared loved for shark movies of all kinds, the good and the bad.  Deep Blue Sea is my personal favorite.  It turned out to be better that we watched it on Netflix as I was questioning various things throughout the movie and mom was commenting on a lot of it.  We have a tendency to do that with movies that aren’t of the highest quality.  It certainly was better than Open Water though which I will forever rank as the worst movie ever created and how they made a sequel when the first one had nothing happen whatsoever is beyond me.

Saturday I spent most of the day at F&M College for an indoor track invitational.  We only had a few athletes go, but they all performed well overall.  I hadn’t been inside that facility since 2003 or 2004 when I competed in high school.  I forgot how nice it was and the kids were all impressed by it as well.  A school that charges over 40k a year (no idea what the tuition is now, that’s what it was back when I graduated) should have rather nice facilities though.

There are two events that as a spectator fuel my energy more than anything else in life – concerts and running competitions.  More than once I have nearly teared up watching the kids I coach compete.  There’s just this overwhelming adrenaline that fills me.  I have often wished that in my actual job I felt the same passion that I feel when I’m coaching.  While the cold weather practices wear on me some days (we do stay indoors if truly necessary but try to go out as much as possible) overall I leave practice more energized.

The invite certainly made for a long day as I didn’t get home until after 5pm and called Jason when I was a few blocks away.  He was as hungry for dinner as I was so we headed out to Lyndon Diner which was our 3rd trip this month.  Their menu is just so extensive and we want to try so much of it.  They make the best french toast I’ve ever had; it’s cinnamon swirl done with a thick bread that literally tastes like the inside portion of a cinnamon roll.

Sunday morning we went to the grocery store and fortunately beat the “post church” rush.  Having worked at Weis through most of my college career (and some after) I tend to be a good judge of when to go to avoid the crowds.  The one annoyance we did run into (almost literally) was a mother who let her daughter push one of the kid carts beside her.  This was cute to see for about 5 seconds until we couldn’t get around her and she got more in the way while trying to move out of the way.  We fortunately got far enough ahead that we didn’t have to deal with them in any other aisles.  Ironically when we were almost finished we spotted the mother and the child no longer had the cart.  I told Jason later that I don’t understand why those carts are made for children likely around 3-6 years old instead of around 8-10 when they could actually help the parent out picking out needed items.

Jason ran on Saturday while I was at the track invite and had much nicer weather than what Sunday brought.  I kept hoping it would improve and while the rain slowed to a tolerable amount, I still talked myself out of my 6 mile loop and opted for my hilly 4 mile one instead.  The first half mile I almost turned around as I didn’t wear gloves (it was nearly 50* so I didn’t think they would be necessary) and the bits of rain and wind were wearing on my mentality.  Fortunately when I entered the one development conditions improved and I ran the rest of it in fairly good spirits.  After conquering the toughest hill I enjoyed a speedy 1 mile run down main street before turning to come home.

I spent more of Sun. afternoon in the kitchen than I normally prefer.  Jason had eaten the rest of our energy bites (a recipe we obtained when we went to a sports nutrition class in the fall) so I decided to make more.  He fortunately is always willing to help so I let him roll them as he’s much better at it than I am.  I then made homemade bread.  I had gone to a bread baking class last Tuesday determined to do something more than just read about homesteading.  We sampled various breads in the class, learned about ingredients, and made a no-knead crusty white bread dough to bring home.  I am happy to report it turned out fabulous and Jason and I ended up eating one of the two loaves I made.  Finally I had to make dinner which was garlic chicken fried chicken.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to make it again as other than the cook time being longer than the recipe indicated (why do recipes say 5 mins on each side when chicken breasts never cook the whole way through in that short of time?) it’s super easy and super tasty.

All my hard work in the kitchen allowed me to feel guilt free indulging in the X Files that evening.  As a kid just the music at the beginning of the show freaked me out and I never watched it.  Jason loved it though so I told my mom to buy him the box set for Christmas as I had no ideas to give her and figured that would be a good surprise.  We are both enjoying it and I can attest it’s a good thing I waited until I was an adult to watch it as I likely would’ve had nightmares from some of the episodes had I watched them as a kid.

Well I believe I have ranted myself out for the night so here’s hoping the randomness is out of my system and I can write a more insightful post soon!

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Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental and Indigenous Peoples advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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