My Birthday Post

I have officially lived through 3 decades as of today.  I think I’m supposed to write about how much I’ve learned and grown and how grateful I am to leave my 20s behind.  I think that’s too cliche and if you know me at all you know I hate the majority of cliche things.

The truth is I would live every moment of my 20s again because each has brought me to today.  I’ve never believed in regrets.  There are moments in my life I would have preferred to have played out differently, but I’m a firm believer in that you always end up where you are meant to even if you don’t like the path taken to get there.

I debated writing a blog of 30 bucket list items or 30 fun facts you may not know about me.  Those too seemed too overplayed.

What I truly want to write about is what is going on in Standing Rock, ND.  If you are my friend on Facebook you’ve likely already seen the multiple news article I have posted in relation to this.  I am not one to attempt to blow up people’s news feeds, but I feel like there is no such thing as too much attention on this issue.  I am appalled and stunned that something like this could be occurring on US soil.  I am beyond disgusted that there is no mainstream media coverage of this.

In recent months I have become very anti mainstream media and its lack of coverage only fuels my disdain.  I feel that true journalism has become a rarity.  Agendas such as dividing Americas whether by race, wealth, or political viewpoint are being fueled rather than having legit news reported.

I encourage you to please educate yourselves on what is happening to the Native Americans and their supporters in Standing Rock.  They are peacefully defending their right to clean water and their sacred lands and are being persecuted in horrendous ways for it.  Those who are attacking them without provocation should be punished.  The pipeline should not be built.  Our country needs to get its priorities straight.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.  As a gift to me I ask that you please donate to the Standing Rock cause.  At minimum please educate yourself about what is happening and stop believing everything the media wants you to.

About Tracy

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental and Indigenous Peoples advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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