NC Shooting Videos

Normally I don’t write blogs about current events in the media.  The main reason for this is because I believe the media is biased and will portray events to suit their agendas.  I strongly believe the media is a prime culprit in the increased racial divide in this country.  I don’t believe we ever get the full story from the press and therefore letting the reporters and social media stir us up over everything seems pointless.

Another reason is because too often I think events are either staged or don’t come close to appearing as we are to believe.  There has to be more to 9/11 than the accepted story of “terrorists flew planes into the buildings”, but I have not researched this enough on my own to give my opinions.  The Sandy Hook shooting had “staged event” written all over it; nothing made sense about that and I strongly believe it was created to try to push through gun legislation and/or drive up gun sales.

For these reasons I haven’t paid much mind to all these “cop vs blacks” shootings.  The riots that are happening because of them are ridiculous and anyone rioting needs to learn the definition of peaceful protest.  Not to mention busting windows in local shops isn’t go to do anything to solve the issues.

Tues. evening my husband told me about the most recent one in North Carolina.  He played a video on his phone of the victim’s daughter filming the scene.  She was outside of the taped off area running her mouth and swearing at the cops.  Within 2 minutes into the video I felt that something was off.  The video continued for probably 10 mins, but I didn’t watch all of it as it appeared to be the same thing over and over.  The first thoughts I conveyed to my husband were that if that had been my dad the last thing I would be doing would be walking around making a video.  If someone notified me that my dad had been shot you better believe I’d be there by his side in a split second and if that meant being handcuffed for interfering then so be it.

Today when I signed online my homepage had a story and video of the victim’s wife video taping the encounter.  Again, something seems off to me.  If my husband was sitting outside in his vehicle and I saw cops coming up to his car nothing would possess me to grab my phone and start recording it.  I will even give the benefit of the doubt here and say that I am white, so maybe due to the recent shootings black people feel the need to get any encounter with cops on video.  I’ll respect that.  Even so what disturbs me is that after the victim was shot his wife continues to film.  Again, if I watched a cop shoot my husband I would be there in a split second at his side no matter what.

I don’t know the background of this case nor any true facts related to it other than a man was shot.  I’m not going to trust that the media is telling the full story as already there’s controversy as to whether or not the victim had a handgun.  All I will say is that the videos from both the victim’s daughter and wife are very peculiar to me and that you shouldn’t believe everything you see or hear.

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