No Lives Matter

Black lives matter.  Cop lives matter.  All lives matter.

What if no lives matter?

As a species we are the most arrogant and self serving of any other.  We don’t evolve anymore, but rather force everything else in the world to adapt to suit us.  This includes each other.  Everything we do whether it is consciously known or not is to satisfy our own needs and desires.

We like to look back at history and think we are more civilized than we once were.  We don’t have gladiators fighting to the death, slaves bent over in the fields or innocent people in concentration camps.  The truth is we’re just a lot better at distracting ourselves from the horrors that go on around us.

20.9 million victims of sex trafficking worldwide since 2012.  21,000 people dying of starvation everyday.  150-200 species of plant/insect/bird/mammal going extinct every 24 hours.  We are more connected than ever in terms of knowing what is going on in other countries, yet we care even less.

We think we care, and maybe we do for the time it takes us to post a meme or our opinion on Facebook.  Sometimes we even donate some money or volunteer a few hours.  Then a few days or weeks go by and like everything else, whatever it was that had us so enraged and upset and motivated to change the world for the better is gone.  Those who are directly affected care and may try to do something for the better.  The vast majority of us though will just continue about our business.

There are some who exist who are genuinely passionate about making a difference.  They live their lives supporting what they believe.  It seems, however, that those who are the most motivated tend to be the ones who do the most damage.  ISIL is successful for one reason – they believe 100% in their cause.

What if everyone else who wanted to see positive changes in the world had even half of the passion and dedication as those extremists do?  What if people truly rallied together and took on the corruption that exists?  What if we had thought-provoking, open-minded debate instead of pointed finger closed-mindedness?  What is we cared more about keeping children safe, providing food and shelter for those in need and making our environment healthier than we do about buying the latest Iphone, watching the latest “reality” show or checking our Facebook 10x a day?

We think we have the right to life.  Why?  Because some ancient religious text says we do?  Because the US Constitution says we do?

We have no more right to life on this planet than any other creature that exists.  Instead of feeling entitled to life we need to start living in such a way that we deserve it.  We should be caring about the world instead of just ourselves.  Maybe then we can make the argument that all lives matter.



About TracyNicole

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental advocate. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights. Inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Elon Musk.
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