The Cold

The winter weather used to be

Much more beautiful and fun for me

Running outside without a care

Not minding wet clothes or soaked damp hair

The wind would sting but never bite

Staying outside until the day lost light


Years passed and something changed

Internally I seemed to get rearranged

For now the cold is my enemy

A vicious opponent who fights unfairly

Blistering my toes with itchy bruised sores

Forcing me to favor the warmth of indoors

Fingers that burn whenever I shower

Any temp below 40 now makes me cower

Multiple blankets needed to keep warm

Fearful of losing heat in a storm

Multiple layers of clothing to wear

It is tedious and torturous and quite unfair


Never again will I enjoy the cold

To the heat my heart is forever sold

Winter running is no longer fun

I long for the days of warmth from the sun

Old Man Winter can go away

And never return if I have a say