My favorite day of 2015

I’m very grateful that 2015 has ended a lot better than it began. I spent most of last winter confused, hurt and generally lost in life. I still can’t claim to fully know where I’m going, but I think that’s fairly normal for most of us. For as many days as I spent in a depressed state of mind though I have spent just as many, if not more, days as happy as any of us can ever be in a world gone awry.

By far my favorite day this past year was Dec. 5th. That was the day I got married. I don’t think a day that required such limited planning could have turned out more perfect. I loved every element, from the non-traditional blue dress I wore, to the more traditional smashing of cake in each other’s faces. The day was so low-key and fun that I don’t think I would have done it any other way if given the opportunity to redo it.

Many people questioned why I did not announce it prior but instead told the world via Facebook later in the day. Quite simply because I did not want people playing 20 questions with me about it. I told a select few who I deemed deserving to know in advance, and I also liked keeping it “under wraps” because it was so much more fun to see the surprised responses.

Another reason I never announced the wedding prior was due to us not having what most would consider a formal engagement. Personally when two people live together for a few years it seems a bit silly to me to try to plan a surprise proposal. Sure it’s “traditional” and “romantic”, but if two people have committed to living together for a period time, I think it tends to be a given that they will likely get married at some point. We basically just had discussed it and agreed to it and set a date to be married. I believe the idea of proposals and engagements made more sense years ago when it was taboo to live together before marriage; to each his/her own though I suppose.

Above all I love that the day was our own. I had never felt more gorgeous than I did in my dress even with having done my hair and makeup myself. At no point did I feel that I was having to entertain others as often seems the case in large weddings and receptions. By keeping it small we were able to interact with everyone and celebrate each other. The wine ceremony we included enabled us to involve our families and make the ceremony more fun and interesting. Our vows were a combination of various vows the mayor had provided as examples as well as others I found online. They encompassed what a relationship truly is to us – a joining of two individuals who maintain individuality while supporting and loving each other. I give Jason credit for coming up with a more preferred term to the traditional “I take…” – I had been struggling to find a phrase that did not seem so controlling when he suggested I choose. It fit exactly into the theme of the vows. The reception dinner we had at Loxley’s was very nice because they put our party in a back private room without us even requesting it. It was quiet and allowed us to have our cake smashing fun without strangers watching us. While we did not get to enjoy the traditional honeymoon following the wedding, we are making up for it by visiting friends this spring who live out of state.

I know 2016 will not have a day in it quite as special as Dec. 5, 2015 was, but I’m hoping it will have just as many fun and memorable days!


About TracyNicole

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental advocate. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights. Inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Elon Musk.
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