Rock Energy

Last night I attended my 4th concert of 2015.  I tend to not ever spend impulsively yet that mentality goes out the window if I know a good show will be in the area.  I saw Nickelback on Valentine’s Day, Jason Aldean in May, Brantley Gilbert in Sept. and last night, 2 days before my birthday, I saw Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown.

I love country music and have been to several country music concerts.  The music is always great and the shows are fun.

A rock concert though is something entirely different.  The energy, if the bands know how to perform well on stage, is something that cannot be put into words.  Last night was the first time I attended a concert that at several points the entire arena was on their feet jumping including those of us in seats.  The ability to lose yourself in that energy surrounded by strangers who are doing the same thing is a bonding experience if you will.  For a moment everyone forgets the world around them and rides on a high, mesmerized by the lights and sounds emitting from the stage.

Anyone who has not had the luxury of seeing one of his or her favorite bands performed live is certainly deprived in my eyes.  I have been fortunate enough to see all 5 of my favorite rock bands perform, some of them multiple times.  Yes it costs a pretty penny sometimes, but the experience has always been worth the price.  That feeling you get when your favorite song starts playing on the radio?  Multiply it tenfold.  To see that song performed, to feel the energy coming from those who created it for your enjoyment, deepens the meaning of the song.

For those who may not follow Breaking Benjamin, the band had not been together for several years.  It was devastating to us fans who longed for a new album.  When it was rumored Ben was forming the group again with new band mates it seemed to good to be true.  There was not a question in my mind if I would see them perform again, but rather when.  They lived up to my expectations and surpassed them.  Hearing a mix of their old and new songs made me appreciate just how much their music has gotten me through in life.  The gratitude Ben expressed multiple times last night for the fans was an indication of just how much he had missed doing what he loves.  Never before have I seen an artist invite not one, but several children and their families up on stage for the last song.

Originally I had hoped Breaking Benjamin would perform last as they were my favorite band, but Shinedown proved worthy of having that slot.  Their pyrotechnics were stunning and I will admit even outdid those at the Nickelback concerts I’ve attended and loved.  The energy radiated through the Bryce Jordan Center several times over.  If given the chance again I will certainly take advantage of seeing them perform.

Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I arrived home.  The money spent, the long drive to and from the venue… it was worth every single minute of that concert and the energy that connected all of us fans with the bands we adore.

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