No Pills if Possible

I watched the documentary Vitality on Netflix this afternoon.  I didn’t really learn anything new, but it reinforced a lot of my beliefs in preventative medicine and natural healing.  I liked that there was the support of medicine when it is truly needed due to traumatic injury to the body because I do believe medicine does have its benefits.  The argument that our health system is flawed though was right on the mark; instead of educating people about health and prevention and rewarding doctors for keeping people healthy, our society focuses on treating/attempting to cure the ailment and rewarding doctors for “maintaining” people’s conditions that encourage them to make repeat visits.

Before I even worked in the health field or began reading more about the effects of food and medicine on our bodies I was very much against popping pills.  I’ve always felt that common ailments such as a headache could have underlying causes like hunger, fatigue or eye strain.  I tend to always try to treat the underlying cause before reaching for a pill.  In doing so I find that usually I can make the pain go away, but if I do need to resort to using a Tylenol or Advil that I can take only 1 and find relief in a very short time frame.

I’ve never understood why people want to take a pill to fix everything.  I understand that some people have to, that no matter what they try in terms of diet or exercise they may still have a chronic condition.  My dad is a prime example.  He is not overweight or a smoker and gets plenty of exercise, yet he still has to take pills for his blood pressure and cholesterol.  His doctor says for him it’s a matter of bad genetics.

I have to take a pill myself each winter because of a condition known as chilblains.  In short it is a condition in which the cold causes the blood vessels in my toes to constrict and when they are warmed too quickly the blood floods back in too fast and leaks.  This causes pooling of blood under my skin in small, sometimes itchy blisters.  I do all I can to prevent it including no longer taking a hot shower shortly after being in the cold.  Unfortunately there is no “cure” and even the medication I take for it only helps to an extent.  I am grateful there exists a pill to at least help though.

If I had a better, more natural alternative though I would certainly take it.  Maybe it’s a distrust of the FDA.  It could be my cynicism towards corporate America and believing that pharmaceutical companies have too big of an influence on health care in this country.  Maybe I just like making life more difficult in not just popping a pill and wanting another form of treatment.

I just wonder how many people ever try discussing alternate options with their doctors before agreeing to pop a pill.  I wonder how many doctors would be delighted to educate a person on how to be healthy and prevent chronic conditions instead of having patients walk in complaining of ailments and asking for a quick fix.  I wonder if we can reverse the way we look at health and the use of medicine.


Speculating on Not Censoring

I had written a blog in the past about self-censorship and lately I have been thinking about that more often.  I want to be able to say certain things to certain people, but the fear of unknown consequences tends to hold me back.  It has made me start speculating though on what would happen if everyone just stopped self-censoring and had absolutely no filter.

Would it cause all negative outcomes such as hurt feelings, lost relationships or ruined opportunities?  Would people treat each other worse because they felt no obligation to be courteous to strangers?  Would people stop respecting authority and become filled with self-serving needs?


Would people find happiness because they were finally honest with not only themselves but others?  Would their relationships improve both in quality and quantity?  Would there be more efficiency in processes because people would not fear discipline for speaking up at their jobs?  Would the overall morale in society improve because people actually voiced their needs and concerns instead of harboring resentment?

Random Thoughts From Superbowl 2015

I should’ve posted last night, but I was too tired, so here are my random thoughts that occurred throughout the Superbowl last night.

– I wonder if the players find all the fanfare prior to the start of the game annoying in terms of delaying their warmup.  I know when I had a track meet and was warmed up for my event it frustrated me if anything delayed it – I just wanted to go.

– I have no clue who that woman was who sang the National Anthem but she did a good job.

– Kim Kardashian is a waste of air and her commercial ranks as one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life.  Only in America do you get to be considered famous and TV worthy for making a porn video and having a big ass.  Her sister Kortney is so much prettier anyway.

– I think I would’ve liked the Budweiser puppy commercial a lot more had it not already been shown on Facebook before the Superbowl.

– I want to know how many pounds Marshawn Lynch can squat; his leg strength seems insane.

– I still think Denver should’ve been able to beat Indianapolis to have played New England for the Superbowl spot.

– Doritos always does good Superbowl commercials.

– I had no complaints about the halftime show.  Maybe it’s because I like nearly all of Katy Perry’s songs.  Or because that lion kicked ass.

– I forgot about the “Puppy Bowl”.  No, I’m not an animal person but it’s still cute in its own right.

– It’s more fun to watch the game when you’re cheering for the team opposite of who your parents want to win.

– Whether “Deflate gate” is legit or not New England deserved to be there; Indy wouldn’t have beaten them anyway.

– I wonder if I will live long enough to see Miami make it to the Superbowl.  At this point in time I’d be happy if we just made the playoffs.

– As much as I wanted Seattle to win I’m just glad it was a good game to watch because blowouts are boring.