My Spirituality – Why I don’t fear death (Part 2)

I didn’t mean for my last post to be such a “cliffhanger” but rather realized that I had more to tell than I initially thought.  To that point, I do actually want to fill in a bit more background information before I proceed in describing my past life regression session.

I never really thought much about the concept of reincarnation prior to reading Journey of Souls.  Sure I had heard about it through learning about Buddhism, but it never made much sense.  I think I was misguided by the stereotypes of “Oh I’ll come back as a butterfly in the next life” or “Don’t step on that bug, it could be your grandmother” to take the concept seriously.  In reading about souls reincarnating though it began to make much more sense both spiritually and logically.  One of the reasons I think people often fear death is because we’ve grown accustom to the idea of “only having one life to live”.  We fear the end because we’re afraid it’ll come before we’ve had time to do all that we’ve wanted to do.  We live with regrets, particularly when those we love die, because we think that we only had one chance to do things “right”.  With reincarnation though it’s not that way.  Our souls move to the spirit world after death and any questions we had about this life are answered.  Anyone we want to see we can, and everything that we didn’t understand in our life we will understand.  We are able to review all of our decisions, good and bad, throughout our life and see where other options would have led us.  We learn and as we do so, we prepare for our next life.

I often struggled with the idea of free will when I was a Christian.  How exactly could I have free will if God was all-knowing and knew what I would choose in advance?  Didn’t that mean if I was going to sin that God would already know about it?  Yes, Christians would argue, but I still had the choice in doing it.  If I really only had one option though – do not sin – then really where was the free will?  The idea of predetermination also came into play.  If God knew everything didn’t He have a hand in making me do certain things?  How often do we hear about people’s “miraculous” recoveries because God answered their prayers?  None of it ever added up logically to me.  Some would argue that’s why it’s called faith – it’s not going to all make sense.  After studying reincarnation though, I argue that I can make it all make logical sense now.

How the idea of spiritual reincarnation combines free will and predetermination is this:  Before a soul reincarnates into a body back on Earth it is shown possible lives that it may lead.  It’s shown this through a “spiritual movie theater” if you will (this concept is explained in Journey of Souls – this is not my own creation) where a person can fast forward and rewind pieces.  Not everything is shown to them however.  They’re able to see where they may come to crossroads in their life, for example choosing to stay close to home when going to college or moving across the country, but they will not be able to know which they will choose.  They will also see what souls will be involved in their lives – most people that we are closest to reincarnate with us life after life.  These souls may take on different roles though.  In one life your mother may be your sister and in the next life your granddaughter.  The reason for this is souls are put in groups within the spirit world for learning purposes.  These souls work together in coming up with ways of learning lessons.  These lessons can be anything – experiencing hardship, learning empathy, expanding cultural knowledge, etc.  If a soul struggles with learning a certain concept in one life it may choose to again tackle that concept in the next life, or wait a few lives to try it again.  There is somewhat of a hierarchy of souls in the spirit world – those that have been around for thousands of years are often spiritual guides for younger souls.

One interesting thing that the book touched on was that our souls essentially have amnesia once they reincarnate.  All the memories of past lives as well as the spirit world become embedded deep within their subconcious.  That’s not to say we don’t experience things related to what we’ve seen and done in past lives or the spirit world.  Ever have deja vu?  In my belief, that’s likely because we’ve either done something before in a previous life or because we’ve had glimpses of our current life we’re remembering seeing that.  Ever meet someone and after talking for a few minutes you feel like you’ve known them all your life?  You probably have – they probably have been in almost all the lives you’ve lived.

I’ve often wondered how people would recognize each other in an after life, but Journey of Souls explains this as well.  Because people have lived numerous lives and obviously have appeared as different people throughout those lives, when they encounter a familiar soul in the spirit world they can make themselves appear as how that soul remembers them.  For example, if you lived in Egypt as a slave in one life and later lived as as a cowboy in the Old West in another life and you meet a friend from your Egyptian life you can make yourself appear as that slave and if you meet a friend from your life in the Old West you can make yourself appear as the cowboy.  Souls are described, in the simplest terms, as a form of energy.  They do not have gender though they regularly choose the same gender when reincarnating.  The book does describe where souls come from – I’m not going to attempt to describe it as it’s rather complicated.  A lot of the book combines both psychology as well as physics when it comes to describing energy waves and light.  I’m much more of a biology fan, so I’ll leave the physics to the experts.

Anyway that gives a bit of a background on what seemed to really click and make sense to me as I read through Michael Newton’s books.  I think what also drew me in was the idea that he wasn’t preaching a religion, giving any type of set values, or telling me how to live my life.  He simply provided evidence based on case studies that proved our souls reincarnate after death.

I’m trying to keep my blogs of a reasonable length to read – I know people have busy lives and don’t want to spend an hour reading my posts though at times I do feel like I could write for an hour.  Anyone who knows me well enough knows I can easily talk for an hour straight!  To that point though, yet again I’ve decided to create an additional part to this blog so look for my continuation later this week.  I promise I am getting to the retelling of my actual experience; I just find setting the background of what led me to doing the session will help it all fall into place more clearly.

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