The Walking Dead Bit Me

I will be the first to tell you that I’m not on top of trends particularly in the book/TV/movie realm.  While I certainly love all these forms of media I just don’t like to become part of new “crazes” and it often takes me a long time before I investigate them myself.  The sad part is I do usually end up liking them a great deal.  Case examples – I only saw the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie in theaters because I didn’t get into them until the first 2 movies were already out.  I didn’t begin reading the Harry Potter series until the 4th or 5th book was already published.  I went to see Twilight with a friend because it looked good in the trailer and had no idea that it was a book series.

To that point, this phenomenon known as The Walking Dead hadn’t taken hold of me until recently.  My mom is an avid fan, but given that she’s also seen nearly every shark/octopus/alligator/snake/insert-other-animal-that-becomes-huge-and-attacks-people I can’t count on her judgement when it comes to sci-fi related entertainment.  My boyfriend Jason welcomed the series into our house this past fall when I was learning to can applesauce with a coworker.  By welcome I mean put it on Netflix and proceeded to watch probably 10 episodes straight.  He was able to catch up on all the seasons in time for the 4th season which just reached its 4th season mid-season finale the other Sunday.  He has insisted that I watch the series as well so that when it resumes in February I am able to watch it as well.

I’m not really a zombie girl.  I much prefer vampires and will not be moved from the TV when The Originals or The Vampire Diaries is on.  I’ve always felt anything zombie-related was just a gore-fest without much storyline to back it.  The Walking Dead, however, definitely surpassed my expectations in terms of quality.  I am now into the 3rd season and will surely catch up in time for the show to resume in February.

What seems to set the show apart is its ability to be a quality drama with a nice mix of science fiction.  In recent years so many movies have done the “post apocalypse” storyline that it’d be easy to overdo it.  The Walking Dead though puts its own spin on it.  While it definitely focuses on the elements of survival, it also brings in the human elements in terms of trust, betrayal, hope, wanting to live or die and sacrifice.  Instead of having zombies be just literally walking dead bodies, the show makes you realize that some of these “walkers” were people’s friends and family.  It shows you how people deal with the idea of loss in the acceptance that their loved ones are still existing yet not truly alive anymore.  I believe that’s what sets the show apart from any that has just merely had zombies attacking people throughout a movie.  You do get a fair dose of that though and fans of gore will not be disappointed.  I didn’t realize there were so many ways to kill a zombie (though you must always make sure to go for the head!).

The variety of characters also keeps things interesting.  People that you wouldn’t expect to die do.  People that you wish would die somehow seem to survive.  You love some characters and hate others.  The integration of new ones adds a nice blend and allows for changes in the storyline to flow.  There are also flashbacks sprinkled throughout at times which give you an insight into some of the characters’ pasts.  I still kind of find it interesting the way the whole series starts with the walkers already in existence and no real explanation as to how it got that bad.  I’m assuming and hoping it will be revealed further as I go along throughout the episodes.

If you’ve been like me and a little late to jump on The Walking Dead bandwagon I’d certainly encourage you to check it out.  Netflix has all the episodes up to this current season and if you’re a Comcast subscriber you can view episodes from the current one.  You’ll hopefully end up as surprised and pleased with the show as I’ve been thus far, and it seems to get better and better each episode.

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