My Thankful 30

Usually I’m not one for Facebook trends, but I do like the 30 Days of Thanks I see some people doing.  As I came back to Facebook mid-November I missed the thankfulness bandwagon so I figured I’d create a blog with 30 things I’m thankful for in recognition of Thanksgiving tomorrow.  These are in no particular order and will combine the sentimental as well as the silly.

1.  My mother and father.  As a kid you always think your parents are invincible as well as know the answer to everything.  I just turned 27 and I still believe that about my parents.  They seem to solve any and every crisis even with being 3 hours away, everything ranging to “What temperature do I cook fish on?” to “My car won’t start.”  They’re just awesome, and I wish they weren’t nearly 3 hours away, but every chance I see them is always a happy and fun time.

2.  My boyfriend Jason.  He is just plain wonderful.  I never get tired of being with him and treasure every weekend and evening hour we get to spend together.  He is just so genuinely sweet, and I won’t embarrass him by listing all the cute little things he does, but he makes me smile a lot.  My life with him is just very content and peaceful and I enjoy every minute of it.

3.  My sister Kasey and her boyfriend Erik.  These 2 just make laugh and I wish I could spend more time with them.  My sister has made me so proud and reminds me of myself in more ways than I think she realizes.  Erik is just an all around nice and funny guy who I’m really glad my sister found.  Now if I could just convince them to make the drive north to visit me…

4.  My house.  Sometimes I love the convenience of living in a small town and sometimes I hate it.  Sometimes I love little details of my house and sometimes the flaws of it drive me crazy.  I’m just glad to have a nice comfy place to live.

5.  My computer and internet.  I would give up television and even my cell phone if I had to, but never my computer.  I’m on it too much, I know, but I’ve gotten better.

6.  Speaking of television… I’m thankful for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.  Amazing shows.  Great cast, intriguing stories, sexy guys playing every lead role… let’s just say that if someone ever interrupts me while I’m watching either one, someone better be dying.

7.  Chocolate.  Particularly dark.

8.  My extended family.  While I don’t get to see most of them near as much as I’d like, and some I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve seen, I still have lots of great memories from visits as a kid and I love them.

9.  The Miami Dolphins.  I’m grateful for as many games as have actually aired in this area this year that I’ve been able to see.  Yes, even those games that have caused me to swear at the television when our defense couldn’t pull it out in the end.

10.  Italian food.  I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad combination of noodle, sauce and cheese.

11.  My health.  Life isn’t worth anything unless you’re healthy enough to enjoy it.

12.  The smell of track season.  The only people who have any idea of what this is are Eastern York track athletes/former athletes.

13.  Music… country, pop, rock, soft rock…  I have varied tastes and love it all equally.

14.  The ability to run.  This is the greatest form of exercise in my opinion because it’s the most mentally freeing.

15.  My coworkers both past and present.  No matter what job I’ve had or how much I’ve liked or disliked it, I’ve always worked with great people.  I’m grateful that I still have my “Weis buddies” even though few of us work there anymore and I can always count on them to be up for going out when I go back to York.

16.  Chocolate milkshakes.  Someone really needs to build a Jim Macks in this area because while I’ve found good places to get ice cream, no one makes milkshakes as big or cheap as they do.

17.  Books and reading.  I’ve never understood how people don’t like reading.  There is such a vast selection of books in this world to cover nearly every topic and interest.  It’s my favorite way to escape from reality next to running.

18.  My Facebook friends.  I’ve established some pretty good relationships particularly with people I went to high school with thanks to Facebook.

19.  Movies.  Lord of the Rings will forever be the greatest set of movies ever made.  Anything with Jason Statham or Joseph Gordon-Levitt ranks up there near the top as well.

20.  My job.  While I don’t love spending my days answering telephone calls, overall my job is fairly decent.  The people I work with are great and the benefits are nice as well.  I still wish I had a job related to athletics, but at least I’m living comfortably.

21.  Holidays.  Not only are they now paid days off for me, but most of them I just have always loved because I’m a traditionalist.  I curse anyone who dislikes Christmas… it’s the most wonderful, magical time of the year if you make it as such.

22.  My car.  It makes me regret trading Ford for Chevy some days, but it gets me where I need to go and is the most valuable thing I own.

23.  Jason’s cat.  I could definitely live without her, but I know my irritation of her has brought much joy and laughter to those whom I complain about her to.  Her stupidity and fatness always provide comical entertainment for Jason and me.

24.  The seasons.  Winter is too long and cold, but I’d rather live in a state with 4 defined seasons than one that’s the same all year long.  The variety makes it more interesting and pretty.

25.  Vacations.  I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to go on at least one vacation every year since I’ve been born.  I know not many have that luxury.

26.  Indoor plumbing.  Would you want to go out in the cold to pee?

27.  Hot showers.  I try to be an environmentalist and conservative with most things, but I can’t resist a long hot shower.  That’s until Jason opens the bathroom door to let all the steam out and I get cold again.

28.  A backyard.  Our yard now isn’t nearly as big as the one I grew up with, but it’s still got space.  I’ll never understand how people can tolerate apartment or condo life and not having some green space of their own.

29.  A comfy bed.  Add to that recently purchased pillows from Carnival Cruise’s website and it feels like a luxury to go to sleep.

30.  Every person, past and present, who has left a memory with me.  There are many of them that I miss, who I wish I could talk with and reminiscence about old times with again.  At the end of the day though every moment I’ve been through in life has brought me to where I am today.  My life is very content and happy and for that, I am truly thankful.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


About TracyNicole

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental advocate. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights. Inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Elon Musk.
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