Facebook Free… For Now

For the first time since I joined Facebook the summer of 2005 (back when it was only open to college students and required a valid college e-mail address to register), I have deactivated my account.  I guess part of the ironic part of writing about it on here is that I don’t think anyone typically reads my blog unless I promote having a new entry on my Facebook.  Oh well, the blog is my own creative outlet regardless of who else chooses to read it.

I know this freedom from Facebook will most likely be temporary.  Living nearly 3 hours away from my family and close friends means the website is a predominant means of communication for me.  This week, however, I found I just needed to break my dependency on it, at least for a bit of time.  I guess it will be a social experiment for me in a sense, seeing how I’m affected on a daily basis by not including checking it for updates as part of my usual routine.  While I like certain people’s updates, and pictures are always fun, the tediousness of certain people’s posts have finally made me break and just want to isolate myself for awhile.

Between people posting about Obamacare who have clearly read nothing more about it beyond what other people have posted on Facebook about it and other people who have to put every piece of daily drama in their statuses, I’ve just had enough.  I’m guilty of updating my status often enough that people tend to know most of my life story, but I at least keep all personal drama off of it.  I also voice my opinions on various topics including political ones, but they tend to be in response to articles that I’ve read and posted, or ideas I’ve formed from having read things.  The number of people who post things without having any background knowledge never ceases to amaze me.  Also the number of people who write subliminal statuses (you know which ones I mean, where they say just enough to make you know something’s wrong or going on but don’t elaborate on it) just grates on my skin.  People need to either tell the full story or not post it at all.

If anything I’m sure the amount of time I waste daily on Facebook will now be put to better uses either writing more blogs, doing more surveys (www.mysurvey.com is a legit way to earn money doing surveys – I’ve made $10 already and am close to making another $10), or reading more newsworthy or intellectual articles.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find out there are people out there who actually miss me enough to want to contact me outside of Facebook?

About TracyNicole

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental advocate. Work from home Workforce Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Assistant Varsity Track Coach. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights.
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