Weis vs Giant – A quick price comparison

I have begun a new money-saving project inspired by a tip I read on the Couponing to Disney website.  It suggested keeping track of the price of grocery items at various stores, so you know what is a good deal and which stores have the best everyday prices.  I’m not quite motivated enough to track every item I buy, so I’ve stuck to the ones that I buy most frequently.  I will possibly write a more extensive post on this at a later time (I’m also considering starting a separate blog that will be strictly geared to money related topics… feel free to comment/give feedback on that idea!).

For now though I’d like to post my recent cost findings on some items purchased at Giant within the past month compared to Weis this past weekend.  Each of these items was listed at regular price.

Store brand gallon water –   Giant = 85 cents   Weis = 99 cents

Turkey Hill half gallon lemonade –  Giant = $1.65   Weis = $2.19

Yoplait yogurt 6 oz cup –  Giant = 60 cents  Weis = 75 cents

Bananas –  Giant = 49 cents per pound  Weis = 59 cents per pound

Tuna kit –  Giant = $2.49  Weis = $2.49

Prego spaghetti sauce –  Giant = $1.99  Weis = $2.19

I could’ve saved $1.13 buying these items at Giant instead of Weis.  That doesn’t sound like much initially but given I bought multiple of some of the items and I buy most of the items on a near weekly basis, that can certainly add up over the course of a year.  I’m sure there are items out there that Weis has better prices on than Giant mostly if they have a sale, but I’m posting as proof that Weis is expensive overall.  I worked there a little over 4 years and always thought that the prices seemed high, but now I have proof.  Needless to say even if I’m in the area (as I was on Sat.) I don’t believe I’ll be shopping at Weis again.

One last note – Giant’s gas rewards program is so much better than Weis.  You accumulate points regardless of the dollar amount you spend which adds up to saving money at the pump a lot faster.  In 3 visits to Giant I had earned 90 cents off each gallon of gas.  At Weis you only earn 10 cents off each gallon for every $50 you spend, and points don’t accumulate, they must be earned in one transaction.  My visit there earned me 20 cents off; I earn roughly 30 cents off each trip to Giant and I’m not spending near as much money on groceries to do so.  Just something to consider the next time you’re deciding where to shop.

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