Debt Ceiling/Obamacare

For the life of me I really don’t understand how or why Congress is allowed to draft legislation that has multiple things linked to it.  It makes absolutely no sense to me why when they are to be looking at the budget and working to raise the debt ceiling are they allowed to involve Obamacare.  I understand that Obamacare is related to funding from the budget, but the main issue is just raising the debt ceiling so that the US can pay its bills (as if we’d ever pay them all and get out of debt anyway).  Pass the legislation to raise the debt ceiling already and then if you want to continue to fight about Obamacare go for it.  I see as senseless given it’s already been deemed constitutional, attempts to overturn it have been defeated multiple times and even if legislation to defund it would pass Congress, Obama is not going to approve his own creation!

With that said, I still have yet to figure out why so many people are against Obamacare in general.  I’m not sure if it’s because they’re anti-Obama, if they’re just going by what the media tells them it’s about and not looking into it themselves, of if they genuinely think it’s a bad idea.  Personally I have found it to be a benefit.  I no longer pay for birth control pills (mind you at most I paid $25 a month anyway) which I have said all along should be covered.  If the government’s willing to pay for a woman to have a kid she can’t afford by creating welfare programs, then I think they can handle paying for those of us who are looking to prevent it.  It’s definitely more cost effective.  Obamacare also allows young adults to stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26.  While some may argue this is “babying” them, I wish it had gone into effect sooner so that when I graduated college I had the option.  Instead, given that I didn’t land a full time job for 2 years I had to pay for my own health insurance which ran me about $60 a month.  It would’ve been much cheaper and I would’ve had better insurance had I been able to stay on my dad’s plan.  Another thing Obamacare has done is eliminate insurance companies’ ability to deny people coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions.  When I applied for my own insurance after college I had to answer questions proving I had no current medical issues and if it was found later that I had and lied about it, my insurance would be voided.  This to me was just plain wrong.  Conditions developed that people have no control over hould not result in them being denied coverage.

With all of that said, if anyone can explain to me why Congress is allowed to lump various issues together in the same legislation (which does nothing but cause stalemates resulting in less progress) please enlighten me.  Also, if you’re against Obamacare please share your reasoning behind it.

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