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Weis vs Giant – A quick price comparison

I have begun a new money-saving project inspired by a tip I read on the Couponing to Disney website.  It suggested keeping track of the price of grocery items at various stores, so you know what is a good deal … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling/Obamacare For the life of me I really don’t understand how or why Congress is allowed to draft legislation that has multiple things linked to it.  It makes absolutely no sense to me why when they are to be … Continue reading

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Perception of Time

There is always 24 hours in a day.  Why is it then that so many different factors can cause us to feel as if we have more or less than those 24 hours? A friend of mine in high school … Continue reading

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Self Censorship

Censorship is often addressed in media outlets… books, TV shows, music.  Various viewpoints have to be considered as to not offend any particular groups or risk backlash.  How often though is the idea of self censorship looked at? How often … Continue reading

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A Runner’s Itch

Tonight I completed my last run before my half marathon on Sun.  Although it was only about 3 miles, it was one of the most mentally tedious runs I’ve ever completed. I have never completed tapering (the process of scaling … Continue reading

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