Elysium Review

I finally got to go see Elysium yesterday and while I got it for matinee pricing, I most certainly would have paid full price to see it.  I will admit the major draw upon seeing the trailer was Matt Damon shirtless, but the storyline seemed rather unique as well.

For those who haven’t seen the trailer, the basic concept is that the rich no longer live on earth but on their own world known as Elysium.  It’s basically a paradise in which any ailment (broken bone all the way up to cancer) can be cured through a medical pod.  Earth has become as dire as a third world country with many people doing everything they can to try to find a way to Elysium.

The movie was non-stop action without the typical “blow something up every 5 minutes to keep people’s attention” kind of action (though I watch some of those movies too for the record).  There were only a few of what I’d call truly main characters, but they definitely played their roles well.  Jodie Foster plays the Secretary of Defense on Elysium and she’s hardcore dominating, and Sharlto Copley (had to look up his name because I didn’t know who he was) plays her henchman of sorts on Earth who is as ruthless as they come.  He succeeds in making the character come across as totally heartless.  I can’t really describe Matt Damon’s character too much without feeling as though I’ll give away movie details, but I really liked his character overall (and not just for the sexy body though I won’t complain about that).  His friend Julio, played by Diego Luna, was also a very likeable character.

While plenty of message board posts on IMDB are political, arguing the movie pushes universal healthcare and/or immigration, I tend to go to movies just to enjoy the movie.  I will say, however, that it did get me thinking that if the rich had the means to create life-like robots to do everything for them, that Earth could very well end up looking as it does in the movie.


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