Grown Ups 2 – Review

I finally got a chance to see Grown Ups 2 this past weekend after having wanted to see it since it was released.  The main reason for this is that I think Adam Sandler is great.  I still haven’t figured out why there are a lot of people who don’t like him; I personally find him hilarious.  I could watch Billy Madison everyday for the rest of my life and still laugh at it.

Overall I’d give the movie a B rating.  I’ve certainly seen funnier movies, but to me it’s on par with the funniness of the original.  Clocking in at 101 minutes, I actually thought the movie could’ve been longer.  I know most comedies don’t tend to run as long as other movie types, but it seemed like the storyline could’ve added either a bit more to it or just some additional scenes for fun.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Taylor Lautner in the movie as a preppy frat boy.  The character suited him well and just made me laugh in general.  Steve Austin and Shaq were also in the movie and I enjoyed their characters as well.  I liked that they added additional stars like that to supplement the original cast.

If there was one reoccurring humor theme in the movie, it was the use of butts, both male and female.  While a bit juvenile in a sense, it still was entertaining for the viewers as a whole.  Given the maturity level of the 4 main characters it seemed fitting.

If you’re not a huge fan of any of the lead comedians I’d say save your money and wait til the movie comes out on DVD.  Otherwise if you found the first one to be really good then you should enjoy this one just as much.


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