Random Runner’s Thoughts

I’m going to change up my writing style a bit here for this post and go a little random.  I figure it keeps things interesting while also allowing for a different “voice” to my writing.

This evening I finally got to run after being kept inside this week from both the scorching heat as well as having to “babysit” the guys replacing our roof.  I find that I do most of my thinking when running.  While I absolutely cannot run on a treadmill without music playing, when I run outside I never do so.  I prefer to take in everything around me, enjoy pieces of nature when I can (which usually involves finding a trail to run on because town life isn’t always peaceful surroundings), and just let my thoughts randomly flow.  Here are some of the random ones that crossed my mind during my run tonight:

-What does it take to condemn a house as inhabitable?  The way some houses look, nearly falling apart on the outside, makes me shudder to think what the inside must look like.

-On the other side of the spectrum, there is a very upscale looking house that has a gate to its driveway.  It also has a side entrance to the same driveway that has no gate.  Do you really think you can keep people out that way?

-Other than providing green space that builders can’t overrun, cemeteries to me are a complete waste.  A body gets buried and after so many years when family members no longer exist themselves to visit it, it’s just there.  Not to mention given that our souls reincarnate (I’ll save my reasoning and personal experience with that for another post), it’s utterly useless to keep taking up space and spending money to put bodies into the ground.  I say burn them all and let people do with what the ashes as they or their family deems appropriate.

-Running in 90 degree heat is probably one of the best times to run if you want to avoid being assaulted/kidnapped//raped.  Think about it, who exactly is going to hide out in that heat let alone want to get sweaty trying to attack people or run after them?

-A dog barking when I’m running is scarier than hearing a gunshot.  While a dog attack may not kill, the odds of the dog getting hold of me to attack greatly outweigh the odds of a bullet hitting me while running.  Not that I’ve ever been shot at while running, just overall more afraid of the dog.

-I don’t understand why anyone would want to live in a house that is against a hill and/or has a yard that is an upward slope.  How are you supposed to setup anything like a picnic table or volleyball net?  Plus mowing on one has got to be a lot more tedious.

-The looks I get from people when running regardless of the weather are absolutely priceless.  I’m tempted to make a shirt to wear that says “Yes I’m doing this for fun” because often times I want to yell that out at them as I pass.


About TracyNicole

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental advocate. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights. Inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Elon Musk.
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