I find that I am often puzzled as to what is deemed etiquette or just general courteousness when it comes to certain situations.  The main example I encounter is when I am walking across the parking lot to enter the workplace.  If someone is immediately behind me then I will hold the door open for him or her.  If someone is a great distance away then I will not.  The tricky part is when people are at that middle distance where it’s easy to wait for them, but just as easy to let the door close.  I find that if I wait and hold the door then the person feels obligated to walk more quickly to get there, apparently feeling bad that I am waiting.  However, if I let the door close then I tend to feel slightly rude.  The same holds true for elevators.  How close does someone need to be to the elevator to merit holding it open?  Then of course you have the issue of the elevator having many people already inside and whether or not you should squeeze together to allow more or if those people should be courteous and wait for the next elevator.  While I’m sure there are no “set” practices for any of these situations I find that it often times makes me wonder how best to react as well as avoid any awkwardness.


About TracyNicole

Runner. Writer. Reader. Environmental advocate. Fascinated by the ocean, waterfalls and Christmas lights. Inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Elon Musk.
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